28th July 1945

There ain't nothing I likes better than been fought over by two blokes! And that's exactly what happened to old Phyllis on Wednesday at the dance. I turns up and me sailor lad is nowhere to be seen, so I thinks "hello", there's something funny going on here and no mistake. Well, while the cat's away and all that, so I flutters the Phyllis eyelids at a soldier what's just been demobbed. Handsome looking feller he was and, of course, he's thinking it's his lucky night. We has a rumba and a little bit of a fumble and things are getting a little bit saucy when, blow me down, if a handful of sailors don't arrive at the door! I sees my own one among 'em and he's looking like he's ready for a punch-up. What's a girl to do?

Quick trip to the ladies to powder me nose, I tells me soldier, but I slips away across the room and straight into the arms of HMS Gorgeous. I calms him down by fluttering me eyelids and says that the dance with the squaddie didn't mean nothin'. Two fellers in one night! If me old sis Vi could see me now, eh?

19th July 1945

I've been having a look through Jim's copy of Blighty. They gives it out free to the forces. It's a proper lark and no mistake. I'm not sure some of it is decent for a girl like me to read. I'm going to pick out some of best jokes and cartoons and that and paste them into me scrapbook.

18th July 1945

This morning, I goes down to the butcher's with me coupons and meets this lovely sailor.

"Hello, sailor boy," I says.

"Hello, sweetheart," he replies. "What you gettin' on them coupons?"

Well, before long, we're getting proper pally. Neither of us is able to get more than a rind of bacon and a lump of lard, but you know what? I don't even care! The sailor boy's name is Jim and he done all kinds in the war. I don't know whether they'll send him off to fight those Japs, but I'm goin' to make the most of it while he's here. Him and his mates are coming up the Glory on Wednesday night for the dance, so I'm going to find me best nylons and doll meself up a treat.
He give me his copy of Blighty and wrote his name big across the top and the address of his lodging house.

Still ain't heard nothing about the election. I couldn't vote for that Mr Attlee. He's a funny little bloke. I voted for Winnie, 'cause he won the war for us pretty much single handed and that's a fact.